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Rural U - Early College at the University of Maine at Fort Kent

University of Maine at Fort Kent • 23 University Drive, Fort Kent, ME 04743
Rural U: Live, Online, and In School

Throughout the evolution of early college initiatives in Maine, the University of Maine at Fort Kent has become a leader in providing quality early college and dual enrollment experiences. What started in the campus' back yard has expanded to more than half the high schools in the state!

The program focuses on students attending high schools in rural communities throughout Maine and strives to increase academic rigor, provide an affordable pathway to college with opportunities for rural high school students to experience college learning and earn college credits, increase post-secondary aspirations for rural Maine students through specific aspirations programs, and increase high school and university collaboration, efficiency, and alignment.

Rural U is focused on a high-touch, student focused process of student support and service. We believe regular, timely, clear, and responsive communication with students and high school partners is the key to student success. While we strive to provide a true college experience, we understand Rural U students are still in high school and may need extra support. We work closely with our high school partners to support students’ academic needs as well as offer online tutoring and student support services to all Rural U students.

There are three programs under the Rural U umbrella: Early College Maine Aspirations, Concurrent Enrollment, and Valley U.

Rural U is open to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and homeschooled students at the sophomore, junior, and senior levels in good academic standing. Tuition is free, but students are responsible for the cost of textbooks when required. The Maine Aspirations program allows students to take a maximum of 12 credits per academic year at public colleges and universities.

What is Required of High School Partners? (.pdf download)