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ExplorEC: Early College at Maine's Public Universities
Net Tutor
Let's Get Ready: Students Helping Students to and Through College

Click on the tabs below to find useful Rural U resources. For additional information, contact the UMFK Office of Community Education at 207-834-7541 or visit your High School Guidance Office.


To register for Early College courses at the University of Maine at Fort Kent you will need to create an account on the ExplorEC Portal at ExplorEC is designed to facilitate development of networks between the high schools and the universities, making it easier for students to sign up for Early College classes and expedite data collection. ExplorEC will help our universities and high schools work together seamlessly to provide a bridge to better serve students, parents, teachers, college faculty, and EC administrators.

Click here for ExplorEC Portal tutorials

Student and Faculty Resources

Provided below are links to a number of resources our students, faculty, and partner schools may find useful.


Rural U students have access to FREE, online, on-demand, live tutoring 24/7 via the NetTutor program.

For over 20 years, NetTutor has offered live tutoring on-demand, question drop-off, and writing feedback. Tutors are subject matter experts trained in how to translate tutoring best practices and learning strategies to support students online, one student at a time. Over 150 subjects are offered, including live tutoring for Math, Writing, and Student Success available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Rural U students will receive information on accessing the program in their welcome email when they register for a class. For more information, contact the UMFK Office of Community Education at 207-834-7541.

Let's Get Ready:

Rural U is partnering with Let’s Get Ready to provide early college students with free SAT prep and the college application process!

Let’s Get Ready is an organization committed to helping you to and through college. Join college student mentors this spring for their Virtual Access program where they will help you prepare for the SATs and guide you through key steps of the college application process. Their program is fully virtual with group instruction and individual texts. To get more info, go to the Let's Get Ready student interest form.


The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) is an organization that strives to guarantee college courses offered by high school teachers are as rigorous as courses offered on the sponsoring college campus.

The organization is concerned with the quality of dual enrollment including, but not limited to, teacher selection, professional development and support, curriculum, and student assessment and grading. Standards, put in place to address these issues, uphold the following:

  • Fostering strong secondary and post-secondary collaborations
  • Supporting high student achievement
  • Promoting a seamless transition from high school to college

To ensure quality, Rural U's program practices and procedures will be based on accreditation standards adopted by NACEP. Rural U will seek accreditation in the future, but is currently not accredited by NACEP.

For more information, please visit the NACEP website.